6th September 2016

The City of Johannesburg yesterday issued a press release on water restrictions for Johannesburg.  Level 2 restrictions have been in place since November 2015.  The City is now introducing a water restriction tariff on water usage from September 2016.


Tariffs will be imposed in a stepped manner.  If your consumption is under 20 kilolitres per connection per month, rates will remain the same. If you consume more, the following tariffs will apply:

20-30 kilolitres per month                 –       10% Increase on existing tariff

30-40 kilolitres per month                –       20% increase on existing tariff 

More than 40 kilolitres per month  –       30% increase on existing tariff

Level 2 Restrictions

All Consumers are compelled:

∗      not to water or irrigate their gardens between 06h00 and 18h00;

∗      only hand-held hosepipes or buckets/watering cans are allowed outside these hours;             Note this is an additional requirement.

∗      not to fill their swimming pools with municipal water;  and

∗      Not to use hosepipes to wash their cars or to clean paved areas and driveways with water.

If borehole water is being used this must be clearly advertised.

Water drop